New EZ-sensor 2020 Dear customers,

starting now, the EZ-sensor Snap-in won’t be commercially available anymore and the EZ-sensor Clamp-in version will be replaced by a newly designed Clamp-in EZ sensor. The references 1000 (Snap-in) and 2000 (Clamp-in) will be automatically replaced by the new EZ-sensor reference 2020. This new reference is an upgraded version of the previous clamp-in with a valve angle of 20  °and designed with a new valve stem. This new EZ-sensor gets the same coverage as the two previous versions. If you need more information about the coverage list, please download our latest coverage list in, download section. The new description of the reference 2020 is as follows: Schrader Clamp-in fixed 20deg angle 433Mhz programmable WAL EZ. EAN Code: 5054208001340.
You will be able to find the design changes by contacting our aftermarket service at (or in the download section of
The price of this new EZ-sensor version is the same as for the previous reference 2000. The release has started week 39. All current orders of EZ sensor references 1000 and 2000 will be changed to the reference 2020 without any added cost.
Thanks you for your understanding.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us within the contact tool of this website.
The TPMSEuroshop team